Hamilton Camp

Here's To You


  1. Here's To You (Camp)
  2. Travelin' In The Dark (Pappalardi, Collins)
  3. Seven Circles (Camp)
  4. A Lot Can Happen In A Day (Camp)
  5. Lonely Place (Camp)
  6. Love Is (Camp)
  7. For My Loved Ones (Camp)
  8. Flower and Flame (Camp)
  9. Leavin' Anyhow (Camp)
  10. Garden of Love (Camp)
  11. Lisa (Camp)
  12. Handwriting on the Wall (Pappalardi, Collins)

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Like a lot of early-'60s folkies, Hamilton Camp got more rockin' as the decade wore on, and on this 1967 album — with the aid of such all stars as Jerry Scheff, Van Dyke Parks, Hal Blaine, Earl Palmer, Bud Shank and producer Felix Pappalardi — he turns in what amounts to a lost sunshine pop classic! The hit title track is probably the best-known song, and reached #76 on the pop singles chart in 1968.

Here's To You was released on CD-R on the Tartare label in late 2010, at about the time its parent company was bought out by a distributor. The artwork was not well done (it looks like a bad scan of the record jacket, and the image does not fill the entire surface). After a brief sojourn on the distributor's shelves, it was dropped. I had a handful of copies available, for people who don't "do digital". Although I was given the opportunity to return them, I did not. Unfortunately, they're gone now ...


There is also a later recording of Here's To You, available on Hamilton's 1999 CD, Mardi's Bard, which is available.

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