Hamilton Camp

Mardi's Bard


  1. Star Of The Sea
  2. Hereís To You
  3. People? Who Needs People
  4. Partners
  5. The Fabricís Parted
  6. Flowers In The Dark
  7. Secret Places
  8. Earth Tones
  9. God Save The King
  10. Root And Stalk
  11. Seven Circles
  12. The Highway Is Here

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From the liner notes:

This album is dedicated to my long time friend and sister Mardi Arquette (1939-1997), a brilliant poet and student of mythology and human psychology. She fought cancer bravely and tenaciously and finally succumbed in 1997. During her confinement I was honored to be asked to come, sit by her bed and sing for her. At the time I had lost the desire to make music, feeling that I had nothing more to offer. As the days passed I seemed to regain the old spirit and with it my dedication to the Song.

Her poem, "Flowers In the Dark", which I set to music, is one of my particular favorites on the CD. One day as, I walked into her room, she looked up, smiled and said, "My bard." I felt as if I had been crowned. She was the inspiration for this CD. I hope those who listen to it find something in it that touches them.

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