Hamilton Camp

Skymonters with Hamid Hamilton Camp


  1. Gypsy (3:21)
  2. Kings
  3. Steal Away
  4. Disaster
  5. All I Need
  6. Long River
  7. Time
  8. Shadows On The Wall*
  9. Laksmi's Song
  10. The Dalang

Gypsy appeared on a promotional album from Elektra/Asylum in Fall 1973. The album jacket said this:

"The footloose opening cut by Skymonter lead guitarist. One happy tune from a marvelously varied debut album by the Skymonters, whose leader, Hamid Hamilton Camp, bucks the trend by moving from solo artist to group."

*Shadows On The Wall appears on the 5 disc Elektra boxed set Forever Changing: The Golden Age Of Elektra Records 1963-1973 R74745, R74746 (2007/2006). Buy MP3

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